Dedicated Server

A dedicated web server is a physical server that is for the use of only one customer. The server is used to host websites belonging to that customer only; these websites are able to fully utilise the memory and processor resources within the system.

A dedicated server is the best hosting arrangement for any business and website, since the server resources are not shared with other companies. Your website exists in its own safe zone, unaffected by other website ‘neighbours’ who may be experiencing high volumes of traffic; this means that your business-critical website doesn’t slow down when others are busy. If your website is hosted on a standard shared server it may be competing for server resource with up to 300 other websites.

Because it is not shared with other websites, a dedicated server is the most secure and crucially the most reliable type of hosting.

When should I consider a dedicated server?

  • Your online business is a key source of income
  • Any downtime would be a costly experience due to lost revenue
  • You expect peaks in website traffic at seasonal times
  • You require priority support
  • You require bespoke hosting features such as additional backups, server software, additional redundancy or a high server specification.

The advantages of a dedicated server

  • No risk of your website becoming slow or even crashed by another business on the shared server
  • Incredible server response times
  • Priority technical support
  • Increased server reliability and uptime
  • Increased server security
  • Options for a bespoke server configuration
  • Options for an upgrade route as your website grows