Networking Solution

LAN / WAN Infrastructure

Most businesses depend on software applications which in turn depend on the network infrastructure foundation that supports them. It is extremely important to have a reliable and secure network infrastructure so you can focus on running your business. Some technology firms implement networks using residential-grade networking solutions which often lead to unstable networks, poor performance and less return on investment. We builds networks using enterprise-class solutions and solid design principles. This results in higher performance, more stability and a better long-term return on investment.

Our LAN/WAN infrastructure services encompass the dissemination of data, voice, audio and video information, through a wide range of networks such as Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs). We are aware that this only possible with arobust connection that is realized through special network links that facilitate interworking.

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Wireless Network Design and Implementation

Building a successful, secure wireless network requires careful planning, implementation, and on-going support. How many access points are needed? What must be done to ensure your network is not being hacked? Trust Quest for the answers. From design and assessment to security and compliance, we’ve got wireless wired.

If you are just now considering implementing a wireless network, there is no better place to start than with a complete wireless assessment. A wireless engineer will meet with you to determine unique requirements for specific signal coverage, roaming, cabling, and aesthetics, and to discuss security recommendations. We then perform a spectrum analysis to determine the number and placement of access points to provide optimum coverage. Our wireless network site assessment report details any necessary changes to your existing network, equipment placement, power considerations, and wiring requirements. Finally, we provide a detailed report identifying recommended access point positions.

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